Trek 3 a & b of MDI….Hike 51 of 52 challenge

Today I walked along the “friends” trail near Little Long pond.  It was a pretty little path through the woods from the parking lot.  It was a cold day out there today.  I walked from Little Long pond parking lot to Seal Harbor Beach Parking.  It was about a mile and then I walked back and passed the parking lot to add a little more into the mileage for the day.  I only added 1.4 miles into the trek miles but walked 2.8 miles in total in an hour.  It seems to be the theme for this trek is 2.8 miles on each day.


It was very pretty along the ocean near Seal Harbor beach but seemed very dark even though it was only the afternoon.

Then I got back into the car and drove to the Ocean drive and parked at Fabri Monument parking area.  I walked back to Otter Cliff by the Ocean path and then returned to the parking lot.  I added in 0.7 miles onto the walk and a total of 1.4 for the Trek-b.  It took just under an hour to complete this portion.  For the day I walked 4.2 miles and the hot tub back at my house felt really good after the cold walks today.

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