Hike 52 was the best including Trek 4 around MDI

Today I completed hike number FIFTY TWO.  I did more of the walking around the island with two friends this time.  It was a rather gray day but not too cold.  We began by hiking down to Hunter’s beach.  Then we found a path on the left side to connect us to the park loop road and we walked back to Fabri Monument parking this took about 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Then we walked to Otter Cliff and looped back by Miller Garden Road to our cars at Fabri Monument parking.   This is where one friend went to hike Gorham mountain and I continued to walk around the island.   We drove to Seal Harbor Beach and then walked up the hill on Cooksey Drive to Hunter Cliff trail which took us back to Hunter’s beach.  This took about another hour.  So the new mileage is not added up but now I more under our belts and it was a good time.

Pondering our journey and plotting out the path with the navigator team!


These feet did most of the journey.   The two outside feet did all the journey.


I little stop along “baby” Hunter’s beach to check out the cobbles and the state of the steps down to the beach.  No rocks were taken from this beach.

Some of the sites along Cooksey Drive.  Even saw a lamp post attached to a birch.  Also saw a neat fence made of bamboo on one of the estates.  There was a metal raven sitting on the fence on the left side of the photo.

The walk down to Hunter’s beach following the Hunter’s cliff trail was neat.   Here is a view of the beach.  Below is a photo of a few rocks on the beach.






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