Trek number 7 of MDI

Yesterday I walked six miles with a friend from RA corner near Somesville to Acadia Mtn which is near Echo Lake.   We walked it in two hours and had a good time with warmer weather than the previous week and though there was a wind it was not cold.

The end of Somes Sound.


Other than the traffic along the roads we walked it was a nice time.

The bridge that is not as famous as the little white bridge.  Really like the large boulder on the left side of the photo.  Looked for bufflehead ducks but did not see any.

The famous little white bridge in the town of Somesville.



The view across the street with my friend posing and acting like a goof


My friend balancing on the bridge looking quite serious!

After getting through Somesville we walked along Rt. 102 and then took the Hall Quarry road to get off the main road for a while.  It was fun seeing the campground along Hall Quarry for the first time and some of the neat quarry rocks piled and placed along the road.  Then we returned to Rt. 102 and finished at the Acadia Mtn parking lot.



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