Mission walk the perimeter of MDI trek 9

Yesterday I walked 4.1 miles to complete 42.2 miles of our walk around the perimeter of MDI!   It was a warmer day than most of our days.  It snowed in the morning so by afternoon it was sort of a slush fest!

First we parked at Seawall Campground and walked to Wonderland Trail.   Then we began the slush fest walking the Wonderland loop.   It was a little slippery but neither of us went down.   Oh yes and only one Element was spotted other than Ellie that we road in on the road.

Check out the cloud reflection in the ocean on this one…was so neat.

Then it was onto Ship Harbor Trail.  Not as much snow had fallen on this trail and not as much ice.  The rocks were very pretty along the path and this fallen tree looked cool with it’s frosting of snow.

My friend we will call Katie to protect her identity was a peach and did the explorer pose to be frozen in time (no pun intended).  Oh it was good to get another leg done and now we are at 42.2 miles on our trek.

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