Trek 13 of Mission do the perimeter of MDI

Today started out as a most interesting day just before meeting my hiking buddy I stopped at a port-a-pottie.   So I pulled over my Element (cause it ain’t just a car) to the side of the road to visit a portapottie and as I pulled over another car also pulled over inform of me.   I waited so we did not fight each other over the john.  No one got out of the van so I got out with my toilet paper and went and an you know visited the john.  Then I returned to my car and as I shut the door the van pulled up next to my window with their window rolled down and blew me away with what they said.  They said I wanted to tell you that you are beautiful.  So I looked into their eyes to see if they were drunk because this was a little odd from a stranger.  ( I had spent the previous day lets say under the weather and still was fighting a head cold and let me describe that I was not looking beautiful ).  So she saw my odd reaction and said that she was married and did not mean anything by what she said just that she thought I had not been told in many years that I was beautiful.   Well it sort of blew me away and I said thank you.  So on a normal day and any other day of the year this might be a rather nice but odd meeting.  This just happened to be the eight anniversary of my husband’s death.  Though I am loved and my daughter says I am cute at times….no one really has told me that I am

beautiful and I just broke down into a puddle of tears!

Katie and I walked 5.75 miles today from Seal Cove to Bartlett’s landing.  We walked for two hours and three minutes.  It was rather sunny at times and then it turned grey.   It was rather warm.   We saw one Element on our walk and no books on the side of the road today.   It was a good quiet time with some conversation as we could in between cars.

Bartlett’s Landing is where we began our journey today.


A few trinkets left by a seagull along the bridge to the wharfs.

Very few views along the way but here was some pretty sky and a whole raft of Bufflehead ducks.

Well here is looking at ya!

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