Day of completion for mission walk perimeter of MDI with leg nineteen


The green island above is the area we have been walking during mission walk the perimeter of MDI (Mount Desert Island).  We walked mostly on the roads but used a few of the trails that brought us closer to the coast.  It was quite the journey and a nice goal to move us through the winter months.

What a difference the sun and blue sky makes on the color of the ocean!   No gloom on this walk!  Finished the last leg of the walk yesterday with Katie and two friends that joined us to experience the finish.  We walked 3.5 miles in one hour and ten minutes.

We viewed a lot through the miles we walked.  We usually saw multiple Elements on our walk….always seeing one cute black one of course.   We walked with a Great Dane for some of the legs and saw some miniature horses that were smaller than the dane on the other side of the island.  We saw tree stumps and trees that were “fake” and placed into driveways to protect the house from intruding cars.  We saw a few people along the walk that we knew and a few that we did not know.  We got cold more than hot but that was okay.  We almost got drenched by a wave at back beach.  We on the most part stayed dry during our treks.  We saw views that are not able to be soaked in when you are quickly driving from place to place and snapped some pretty cool photos along the way.  All in all we both agree we live in and on a pretty amazing island.


Hulls cove is where our walk began yesterday.  Then onto the bluffs as seen below.  The porcupine islands can be seen from here.


Then onto the area where the corridor of hotels begin.  Across the road I captured the hidden bridge.


Then I need to gather this picture from Katie but it would be the three of us and the famous moose of Bar Harbor.  This is part of the fun we shared!

moose photo




A nice shot from Ells pier and then a fun one of the shadows that walked with us.




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