A day at Petit Manan Point

Spent the day at Petit Manan Point.   First we (two friends and I) walked the 4.3 mile Birch Point Trail and enjoyed a little of the pretty cove.

Then we drove a short distance to Hollingsworth Trail which was 1.8 miles long.  It was

very pretty.

Even more amazing as we got to the point

The rocks were very black and some were very light in color.   It was a neat contrast to the pink granite of the island.

Then I found one lonely black rock on the beach.


Finished off the day by dropping by back beach, seawall picnic area and saw a house bus.  Then went along the shore drive in Southwest and finally to the causeway down Fernald Point Road.  It was a neat ending to a good day.

Made a neat little garden rock formation in memory of my Mom!






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