Adventures at Schoodic Woods Campground


Adventure began with an hour drive to my most favorite area of Maine.  I checked into the campground and then the adventure began.   I started with a bike ride around the area to Frazer Point from the campground.


Then the fun began as views of the ocean opened up along the road before reaching Schoodic Point.  The sky was fabulous!   I really enjoyed being on the bike in my favorite area.  It seemed to take it up a notch in enjoyment.  I felt sort of giddy as I sat and looked out over the ocean.


It was a nice ride along the one way road.  Next was a stop at bouncing rock beach.  With an added bench of wood perfectly placed for rock viewing!

Then at Wonsquek I took the bike path back to the campground.  Apon returning to the campground I got out of my sweaty clothes and then started dinner.  Dinner was a boring dehydrated meal but it hit the spot.  Oh yes and I had picked up some mango salsa and scoops which were a great start to the meal.

I organized the Element a little before securing the window for the night.  I finished off the night with a nice phone call from my daughter while I sat in my Element mainly due to the temperature drop outside and found the most comfortable spot being at my sunroof area and felt like I was in a space capsule.  Sleep was a little interrupted due to my bed being not in it’s normal location so my mattress kept sliding to the right off of it’s platform.  I will remove the seat very soon and get the bed secured correctly.  This trip to Schoodic was sort of a quick thought and my preparations were limited on time.

Day number two looked like a perfect day to be in the area.  It appeared to be a bit windy so I took my Element to the point after a challenge of preparing coffee and finding how to get as many grounds in my cup without attempting to make cowboy coffee.  Oh well not even that was going to ruin my day….though at times I am bummed to see one ground in my cup at home.

First stop was the nice beach with a path along the peak of the pile of rocks.  I walked all the way out and viewed rocks and the ocean as I walked.

This one was my ten minute tidal watch.  I was trying to see if the tide was coming in or going out.  Well in the first five minutes I had my answer that it was coming in.  Then I waited another five minutes for good measure.  The toughest part was not waiting but standing in the same spot to wait and take the next photo.   These are five minutes apart.  It reminded me of my Mom.  One my Mom loved to beachcomb.  Two my Mom once had me stand almost five minutes to watch a flower bud open up.  I thought wow to have time to just wait for a bud to open up!!!   So today I took the time to just watch the tide ebb and flow!


So calm as the tide continued to change.

Onto Schoodic Point!

This one is for you Tina…our little friend helped me feast on my clif bar

After watching waves for a while and walking along the shore from the restrooms back to the far right side I left the point.  I headed to Blueberry Hill parking and then walked to the Adler trail across the road which eventually led me to the Schoodic Head trail seen in the photos below.

Plenty of roots to step over and a few steps of rock and wood.

A few views from the summit or just past the marker and then I started down the East trail but found it too steep for my liking and thought I would save it for another day.  I returned to the summit and took the Anvil trail back to the beach near Blueberry Hill parking lot.

The view from where I ate lunch


Then I returned to the campground and cleaned up and rested with a snack and a cup of coffee.  I met someone on the summit that was camping two sites away from me.  They were camping in a cute unit called the cricket.  They introduced me to their two dogs Matilda and Maggie which were mini English Bulldogs.   The cricket was a neat unit.

I later on took a bike ride on the bike path to Bunker cove and back.  It was a little more hilly than I would have liked after hiking for three hours but I managed to get back to the camp site after an hour.

I then got back into the Element and drove to Schoodic point to have a tail gate party.  One stop before the point with a photo below taken for my friend Amy.


It was sweet to sit there at night after an amazing day.  I realized that I got to see both tides today the high and the low.  Not usually part of the package when you only spend a few hours at the point.

Then let the PATAY begin.   Well actually it wasn’t much of a party but it was a nice meal in a pretty sweet spot.


Mangos seemed to be the theme for the weekend in food!


After driving away from bouncing rock beach and bouncing a few more rocks I was looking at the horizon and how clear it was in the night sky.  I was also thinking about how much has changed since the first time I sat at that beach many years ago with the amazing man that swept me off my feet and introduced me to the beach and then I read this devotion today and thought I would add it to the end of my blog today

Gazing at the Horizon
May 29, 2018

Read: Hebrews 11:8–16
Bible in a Year: 2 Chronicles 7–9; John 11:1–29

We are looking for the city that is to come.—Hebrews 13:14
Almost as soon as the ferryboat started to move, my little daughter said she felt ill. Seasickness had already begun to affect her. Soon I was feeling queasy myself. “Just stare at the horizon,” I reminded myself. Sailors say this helps to regain a sense of perspective.
The Maker of the horizon (Job 26:10) knows that sometimes in life we may become fearful and restless. We can regain perspective by focusing on the distant but steady point of our destiny.
The writer of Hebrews understood this. He sensed discouragement in his readers. Persecution had driven many of them from their homes. So he reminded them that other people of faith had endured extreme trials and had been left homeless. They endured it all because they anticipated something better.
As exiles, these readers could look forward to the city whose architect is God, the heavenly country, the city God prepared for them (Hebrews 11:10, 14, 16). So in his final exhortations, the writer asked his readers to focus on God’s promises. “For here we do not have an enduring city, but we are looking for the city that is to come” (13:14).
Our present troubles are temporary. We are “foreigners and strangers on earth” (11:13), but gazing at the horizon of God’s promises provides the point of reference we need. —Keila Ochoa
Father, in the midst of troubles, help me to focus on Your promises.

Yes always focus on His promises and our paths will be filled with his presence!

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