Labor Day without labor!

IMG_2296Low water this year.  In the spring it was at the edge of the rock in the edge of the photo.  Very foggy overcast beginning to the paddle.  Today I should have played mega bucks numbers if that was something I normally do since I got a parking spot at the boat launch at Eagle Lake at 11:00 AM.  It was super I got to kayak the lake and then return to my car and bike the lake.  It was a warm day but I enjoyed it.  The kayaking was all alone except for someone fly fishing with some other people.  The photo below is really pretty neat and really like the colors and location of the rock.  The dark water line really shows again how low the water level is for our area.  This lake is the water source for our town.


I heard and saw a solo loon, an eagle and a sandpiper.  It was a good paddle.  This is the time of year I usually do my hike, bike, and kayak day but this year I am not doing the hike due to a sore foot.  It  was windy going across the lake but nice coming back with the wind in my back.


Here lies an island in the middle of an island….odd concept.

Loving the blue and the green as I kayak.


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