Amazing tidal watching at Cobscook Bay

Oh my the tidal change at Cobscook Bay is amazing.  I watched it go from low to high tide and then immediately it changes over again to reverse the tide.  I tried to capture it in the photos below from the two campsites I was hanging out at this past weekend.

Every morning shall begin with a good cup of coffee and reading the word of God.



View of the first site #110.  I sort of chuckled when I saw the sign for the site cause it had two items on the sign #110 and to toilets!   It was convenient to have them nearby though!  The view from the picnic table is of the cove.  The water almost fully covered the large rock in the photo below at high tide.




At the lower end of the tide I could walk to the rock and watch the dance of the crabs in the mud flats.  It was pretty amusing to see them come out of the pockets of water and move slowly and I mean very slowly and then drop into another pocket of water and then pop up again and crawl out.  Sometimes it would be forty minutes for them to move about two feet.  They were always in survival mode for sure.  I thought how does a mother crab teach them to be so allusive to stay safe between the tides?  If I watched them for too long they reminded me of large spiders so I had to look away.  Imagine just being in survival mode for twelve hours or longer each day.  If you survive the tidal change then you live to survive another day.

Campsite number two was number 32 my favorite of the two!



As the tide came in it turned from mud flats to water again.   As soon as it filled in the reverse of the tide began.  It was amazing to watch


Another view of the island that is only surrounded by water for minutes and then the water slips away.


Just love the reflection in this one.  I think it might turn into a painting soon.


A little bird thought I should be his friend.  I think the last camper fed him.  He hung around and got quite close a real bold one!



View from my Element before I closed the door for the night.  It was hard to move inside but I was getting chilled in the night air.




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