How to get a kayak off an Element alone


After kayaking I return home to remove my kayak from my Element.

Step one: remove the cap from my Thule roof rack and place ski pole into rack hole.  Notice I have a PVC pipe attached to my cross pieces of the rack and this helps to protect the car and guide the kayak while taking it off the car.  PVC pipes were originally placed on my car as a place to attach a tarp and give protection off the side of the car on rainy or sunny days.  It is amazing how handy they have been for loading and unloading my boat.


Step two: remove the straps that hold the kayak.  This often can be done without getting onto my five gallon bucket and I am only 5 foot 4 inches.


Step three: protect vehicle with a towel


Step four: move kayak off of the roof rack partially so it is near the V made with the PVC pipe and the ski pole sticking out from the Thule roof rack.


Step five: Tip the kayak down slowly sliding it off the car.   I do not have a photo of this part due to being alone and on a busy street.  Eventually resting it onto the ground.  Then move back to the cockpit and slide away from car.

Step six: move kayak onto set of  wheels and store until next adventure


To move kayak onto Element just reverse all the steps.  Being careful to use leverage and only move a portion of the kayak at anyone time and it makes the process very easy to be handled by one person using their noodle.



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