First annual Bob Ross paint off

In December I painted a Bob Ross painting with my daughter.

It was very intense but went well.   I learned a lot doing the painting and following his instructions.  I was challenged and stretched as an artist.  We would play part of his episode from you tube and then we would paint.



The top one is my sky and the bottom one is my daughter’s sky.  This was one hour into our painting session day one.

The left one is mine and the right one is my daughter’s painting.  This is the second hour on day one.


This is the fourth hour on the second day.  We forgot to take a photo after three hours on the first day.  I think my daughter had only painted about two and a half hours the first day and was usually waiting for me to catch up.


This is the fifth hour on the second day and we called it.   I was not happy with mine and this photo is hard to see due to the shadow of me taking the photo.


Here they are side by side.

I then spent another hour on my painting to make it “feel” more complete.


bob ross waves of wonder

This is the photo of Waves of Wonder by Bob Ross.   Notice the time stamp of 27 minutes!   It was a good time.  Hope to do it again next year and be more accomplished as a painter.


2 thoughts on “First annual Bob Ross paint off

  1. I love to see the differences in how you both painted the same rocks and yet they are both great representations of the same rock. Beauty isin the eye of the beholder. It is well😘

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