Knowing the tide but not being watchful

Yesterday I went on a little adventure with my kayak.   It was a familiar place to kayak but not familiar to me at low tide.IMG_2551

I kayaked from Hadley’s  Point to the Twinnies.   The Twinnies are two islands that are connected by a sand bar at low tide.  I had not been there in a long time and not sure I had ever been there at this low of a tide so I landed my kayak to proceed to walk to both islands.  The far island past my boat is South Twinnie.


This is the sand bar side of North Twinnie.  As I kayaked around the side of it I realized it had a building on it.  I will have to find out what that is all about from a park friend.


A neat rock and blooming plant on North Twinnie.

So as I took photos of rocks and looked around and ate a snack only a few minutes had passed but the tide was rising and my boat began to drift.


If you look past the kayak you will see in the right photo there is a sand bar and in the left photo there is no sand bar.  I realize now from my photos just as I walked to the island the tide was almost taking my boat.  I had pulled it further up the beach than what I see in the photo.  The transition only took a few minutes.  The photo on the left the boat is pulled up further on the beach after my rescue and realizing the tidal flow was rapid.   I had to run across the beach and into the water up to my thighs to grab the kayak.  It was surreal when I first saw it drifting away.

Notes in journal stated that it is better to take photo than take rock

A neat rock at the bottom of photo for both of my rock hound friends.  Also a really neat

plant at the top of the photo that lives underwater at higher tide.


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