Second quilting session for 2020

Once I had completed my daughter’s quilt I began working on two quilts for sons.

They would be a little different with only a few tee shirts and more sports theme as my husband and both of my sons follow a large variety of sports.


Again my whole quilt began with figuring out size and planning out which squares would go in which areas of the topper.  This quilt was much smaller.  The finished size was only about five feet by a little under six feet.


The center piece I wanted to be a little different.  It took on many forms before I finally got an idea that I feel pulled it all together.  Below is the transition of the center square until finally I placed the initials of all my children around the center with the baseball bats.  Also I added LEE on the “red sox”.  My husband was a fan of the Boston Red Sox before they won the world series and he always believed in them.




So above is the topper for the quilt I made for my youngest son.  There is a square with a Maine black bear for the college that he attended in Maine.   There is a heart on the Boston Red Sox tee shirt and that represents me since I did not have a tee shirt added to the quilt.  I added the Boston Celtics emblem to remember the game we went to on the train out of Portland.

The Toronto blue jays was a team that they went to see play the Red Sox when they were at their home field which is in the vicinity of a summer cottage in NY.


The topper for both quilts was connected to a polar fleece Patriot’s themed blanket.  I also tied the topper to the fleece so it would stay together after being washed.


Below is the quilt I made for my older son.




This is the topper before I finished the center square.  These two quilts went together much quicker and did not require as much sewing.  I enjoyed the entire process and was glad to give them to the boys in March.


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