Every spring I am reminded of a little game my late husband Dick used to play with me when my gardens began blooming.  He would ask me the question most every spring while I was busy weeding and distracted.  What is the name of this flower?IMG_2923

Since I was preoccupied with my weeding I would say oh that is a forget-me-not.  Now it brings a little sadness when I think about it because I will never forget him but this flower reminds me of him and spring!


It has been good to work in my gardens and expand some of them while being restricted on movement in Maine do to the virus outbreak.  Being an introvert staying home is not an issue and I find plenty to keep me busy while I enjoy life.



Intoxicating smells this spring from the lilac and from the ocean air one foggy morning this past week.  Lilac’s are my favorite and they are so precious since they come and go in a flash.


In loving memory of a well loved man named Richard E. Lee that lived life full and really enjoyed making people smile.  So blessed to have had 23 years with him.