Making a catio on my porch

A few years ago I made a catio on my porch.  My cats just love being able to be out of the house and almost outside.   Even during our Maine winter they still go out and usually don’t stay very long but enjoy the change of scenery.

Below is the entrance from the living room window.  We call this the lobster trap.  It now is connected to a cat window and then if you look to the right is open into the larger cage.  I will add more photos later.

IMG_1991 (1)

IMG_1978 (3)


I added a cat walk along the front edge and they like to climb through the cage.  I also added a litter box in the right front corner.  That was a great addition.  I can access it through the opening in the cage.

The base is a piece of plywood that spans the entire width of the porch.  The entire size of the cage is 8X4 feet.  The cages I used were dog cages and I could take apart the connector pieces between panels and make any size I wanted.  The lobeter trap is made of the small cube pieces that people use to make small cubes to store shoes or toys.  I used zip ties to connect pieces or reinforce areas that I wanted to be sure they stayed closed since my main goal was to be sure the cats could not escape the porch.

It came together quite easily once I had the main points together and adding the cat walk was an after thought but gave them more access to corner roosting areas.

I used puzzle pieces to pad the plywood.  I also used small rugs to pad the roosting and climbing areas.IMG_1992 (3)

The catwalk is included in this photo.  It is a little difficult to see but in the foreground you can see the rug pad and then another wooden walkway takes them to the back left corner.

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