Fabulous flowers are in full bloom


My front gardens are filling in nicely.  Super blooms this year.  I have had extra time to spend in my gardens this year so most of them are ship shape.  I thought I would share some of the pretty blooms that are currently making me smile.


This beautiful yarrow I saw from my window and was in shock that I had such an amazing color this year.   I really enjoy seeing some of my new flowers bloom for the first year.   This made me day!


Cute lambs ear finishing off their bloom and lady’s mantle in the foreground.  This blooms make super cut flowers and I have enjoyed them with my daiseys.


Can you ever have too many gloriosa daiseys?   I think not.


The side of the house is the top three photos.  One of the photos is a rock dragonfly I did on Mother’s day a few years ago in memory of my Mom and all her wonderful gardens.


My daisey pathway into my backyard.   This year I have worked a lot more on my back gardens.  I will try to capture more photos and add them later.  The one garden just past my hot tub had been blooms constantly since Spring.  I wish I could say I planned and planted it that way but it was by accident.  It was a happy accident as Bob Ross often said.




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